My name is Phil Basten and together with my partner Jane Mark we have been working online for the past 20 years.
We run an online advertising company called JAM Marketing Inc, and you can read all about that here:
Many of you may know us as developers of advertising tools for online businesses. Some of you may know us as the crazy stars of the online radio show called Joe? Yes, Mable, Are We Rich Yet?
When COVID-19 hit the world, and the only way to keep people safe was to force them to stay inside and leave them to figure out how to struggle with the pain that comes with isolation, the uncertainty of where or when they would get back to work, and the fear that comes with such a worldwide pandemic.
We decided to return our initial training, dust it off, and share some simple things that people living anywhere in the world can do to alleviate some of the pain and apprehension that is a by-product of this challenging time.
Phil is a trained counselor and a member of the Australian Institute of professional counselors, which is a leading institution for this kind of training in Australia. 
Jane has an M.A. in Psychology, and for many years she ran her own company called "Women Shape Up," where she taught relaxation techniques and other coping mechanisms. She conducted these sessions at her studio in lower Manhattan, and New York University, and the New school for Social Research in New York City.
Phil and Jane's natural affinity for teaching and helping others kicked into high
gear as the world seemed to go dark and dreary and where a new way of coping with this dreaded disease COVID-19 drew us back to our original callings.
The result is the ebook Panic Attacks and How to Survive Them.
The insightful ebook has 2 purposes:
1. To give you the coping tools you need to thrive in today's environment.
2. To give you a way to make some money online as you help others.
We all need to be part of the "cure" of this menacing Virus that is causing panic and fear worldwide.
We hope you will join us in this exciting mission and journey by reading our report and the ebook and then sharing it with others.
If we can help change the way you look at what is happening and turn it to your advantage, then we will have succeeded in our mission.
Phil Basten
Jane Mark
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